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North Wales PA seasonal storage

Top 3 Tips for Storing Sports Gear

Are you anxiously awaiting for the weather to change so you can enjoy the great outdoors? Do you know where you are keeping your winter sports gear? Vault Storage Co. has answers with the seasonal storage tips. No matter what the weather is doing your valuables need to be protected. In order to have a great start to the warm weather keep your equipment safe with Vault Storage Co.

North Wales PA seasonal storage

Simplify and Clean

Since you are already moving items around, gather the family to get extra help. While they are cleaning out their sections ask them to make edits. If something has not been used for several games, but is still functioning, donate it to someone who can use it. Maybe a next door neighbor or local park can make better use of it. Once you have everything simplified disinfect. You will be thankful you got rid of dirt and grim from earlier games.

Use space wisely

There are many creative ways to store odd shaped gear. For example, the bike can get tangled in nets and topple over if not properly set up. If it is to cold to ride a bike rack or sturdy hooks keep it where it should stay.

Protecting your memories

Do you still have your kids first uniform, the newspaper clipping from when your team won? These are moments you want to cherish and hold on to. After sealing them in a garment bag or behind a frame, the storage unit is the next safe spot. You can add them to the display when you want but they will always have a secure place while not out for everyone to see.

When the weather changes get prepared with Vault Storage Co. We even have enough space to store your biggest seasonal items, the RV. Our parking lot is now open! Talk to us about seasonal storage today!