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Storage Supplies

Storage Supplies That Will Benefit Your Move:

Storage Supplies

It can be difficult trying to determine what storage supplies are needed when you are packing up all your belongings. Are you looking for a place to store your items as the winter season approaches? Vault Storage Co can be the solution you were looking for! We not only offer merchandise that is extremely helpful during your move to storage, but we also have a completely safe and secure facility.

With the use of our suggestions here at Vault Storage Co, moving your personal belongings to a storage unit will be easy going!

What Storage Supplies Do You Need?

  1. Boxes – Several different sizes will work great!
  2. Bubble Wrap – Adds an additional layer of protection for your fragile and valuable items.
  3. Tape – Secure your boxes and you can never have too much of this material.
  4. Dust Cover – Protect furniture and other larger items from damage due to dust, dirt, and water.
  5. Lock – Secures your storage unit, allowing yourself to be the only person able to access the unit.

Listed above are just a few storage supplies that will benefit your moving process. Come stop by our facility and you can discover numerous amounts of other items!

The Benefits of Purchasing Supplies Here…

Throughout the whole month of October, in light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a portion of each merchandise sale will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Do you keep questioning yourself on how many boxes or rolls of tape you will need for your move? Get a very close estimate by using U-Haul’s supply calculator.

If you are not sure what size storage unit is the best choice for all of your belongings, give our storage calculator a try. This will help you find the correct storage space in order to be able to store all of your personal belongings. On our units available page you can rent instantly or reserve a unit. You then have time to come out to the facility and check out the storage unit. Additionally, we can hold that storage space for you for up to two weeks when you chose to reserve.

Vault Storage Co is here to help make your move a simple journey. With the help of our storage experts and tools we provide, your belongings will be moved into storage in a flash. Locate our Vault Storage Co facility in North Wales PA.