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North Wales PA secure storage

Simple staging using our secure storage

Has the family outgrown the house or is it time to find something with a little less upkeep? Selling your home is all part of being a homeowner and this month Vault Storage Co., is walking through the benefits secure storage offers. Use these simple staging tips to prep the house for visitors and get an offer fast.

North Wales PA secure storage

Clear away

  • Move furniture completely out of the room and clean every spot.
  • While everything is out, detail the floors and repair any damaged areas. Pay special attention to high traffic sections.
  • Grim can build up fast in the bathroom and kitchen. Give these two places a deep clean to ensure a spotless feel.
  • Remove strong smells by washing cushion covers, curtains, and even the carpet. To keep them from coming back watch what food is cooked prior to guests arriving.

Think like a buyer

Even though it may be hard, it is time to start packing. Your family memories should come down and get packed away. Buyers want a chance to see how they would decorate and that can be tricky if there are too many memories on the wall. Think spacious if you are moving furniture back into the house.

Color schemes

  • Choose a theme for each room.
  • Do not just stick with brown tones, find a happy earth tone that matches the decor you have.
  • Go for luxury in the bathroom. Minimize space with a smaller sink, and change the colors to a bright white to match throughout.
  • Fill walls with artwork that works with your colors.

Swapping houses just got a lot easier with Vault Storage Co. Show off the best features of your house while finding secure storage. We can even help you store your biggest items. Our RV storage and vehicle parking options are now open.