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Organization North Wales PA

Organization Matters

Need to start your organization project? From your career to having family and friends over on the weekend, organization can slip by. With Vault Storage Co you have everything your need; from small storage space for decorations to moving supplies to get the job done. Being as efficient as possible allows you to spend more time with those you love and doing the things you enjoy, rather than searching for your keys or a certain movie for date night. Vault Storage Co is always looking out for you! Use these simple tricks below to keep your belongings where they need to be.


Living Room:

  • Don’t let the top of your coffee table pile up with mail and magazines. Get a mail organizer to help keep the mail and magazines organized.
  • If toys are your issue, use the corner as the kids zone. Add a small table or bookshelf to keep the toys organized. Add wheels to the bottom of storage bins so the youngsters can move the toys out of the corner.
  •  Don’t let shoes and coats lay around. Make it a habit to take your shoes off and take them directly to the closet.
  • Tidy up as you move. If you’re passing from room to room, pick up articles as you go. Don’t leave toys laying around if you are passing the toy chest on your way out of the family room.


  • Adding cubicles, boxes, or a storage ottoman at the foot of the bed is a creative way to store belongings out of sight.
  • If you notice your nightstand is where you accumulate the most clutter it might be time to reorganize, and remove unneeded objects.
  • Keep your closet organized by hanging with a plan. Either color coded, by style or by occasion but choose a system and stick to it.
  • If your dresser is the problem area of the room consider drawer dividers to keep similar styled clothing together and easily accessible.


  • Over the sink storage can help keep everything in its place and off the counter.
  • The spaces above your door and toilet are great spots to keep extra towels or toiletries for easy access.
  • In the shower use individual caddies to separate everyone’s products. A hanging metal basket would also work and be aesthetically pleasing!
  • Take advantage of the wall space around your sink with floating vanity shelves. Use them as a great spot for q-tips, cotton balls, and bathroom necessities.


  • Adding industrial hooks to the ceiling will help keep the seasonal items, such as bikes and canoes, out of the way.
  • Organize spare wood with a garbage can for each size.
  • Instead of individual shelves get track system shelving so you can customize your space.
  • Add a coat rack, bench and shoe shelf by the door and you have an instant mudroom.

When it’s time to reorganize your space Vault Storage Cohas everything you need to make the job easy. With our on-site supplies and helpful blog topics your space will be clutter free in no time!