How to pack storage diagram
March 30, 2021

3 Tips to Organize Your Storage Unit

How to pack storage diagram

How should you organize your storage unit? Vault Storage Co is here today with some helpful tips to make the most of your storage unit’s space. Operating out of Pennsylvania and the greater Maryland area, Vault Storage provides such amenities as temperature-controlled storage units, moving and packing supplies, and allows for the rental of U-Haul moving trucks at certain locations making these storage facilities excellent options for any students attending nearby colleges. Read more below to learn of some helpful tricks for organizing your storage unit.

3 Quick Tips to Pack Your Storage Unit

  • Use quality packing supplies . Don’t skimp on packaging products when you need it most! Utilizing correctly sized boxes will help you to better organize your storage locker. Stop in at Vault Storage today to make sure you have all the packing material necessary to properly organize your unit.
  • Remember to pack vertically. In a recent guide, explains the importance of utilizing your entire storage unit space. If possible, look into adding shelves for your storage unit, and make sure to store larger items such as furniture toward the back of your storage unit.
  • Disassemble your larger items. It might seem like more work at the time, but you will be thanking yourself later. Any furniture items, exercise equipment, or similar items should be disassembled prior to their storage. Use plastic wrap, tape, and bubble wrap to safely secure all parts of a larger item in one place.

organize storage unit diagram

Vault Storage Co – Pennsylvania and Maryland

Vault Storage Co is your one stop shop for anything storage related. The facility offers moving resources to fit your commercial and residential moving needs. Additionally, all facilities conveniently offer RV and boat storage, and contactless rental options for the safety and security of the customers. Rent or reserve your storage unit today!